Our Company

After having worked over 10 years in the carpentry, the brothers Brendolini, Marcello and Augusto, decided to found a new company in a workshop in Vighizzolo di Cantù, where they were manufacturing every kind of furniture.
The company BRENDOLINI was born.

At the end of 1970s the brothers Brendolini imagined to manufacture exclusively wooden stairs and they are specialized on items made to size and customer design.
In 1990 the company BRENDOLINI F.LLI. SNC invested in a building of 1,500 sqm in Vighizzolo di Cantù, where they have been designing and manufacturing wooden stairs, which can fully satisfy the customer by offering him the right and best solution at any time.

At the beginning of 2000 the brothers BRENDOLINI modernized their image with the precious capability and fresh ideas of their sons LUCA and MATTEO. They founded therefore the new company BRENDOLINI SCALE SRL.
We have been constantly growing and thanks to the use of different materials like wood, brass, stone and glass we are able to create staircases following the customer’s aesthetic taste, the current fashion, and the best solution for the most demanding personality. Straight or helicoidal staircases; every staircase has its own shape, dimension and characteristics.

This is the way our staircases are built thanks to the workforce of ten experts, the attention to details, and the choice of the best materials starting from the very first choice of wood.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, our brand is synonymous with the guarantee of all that a staircase needs. Our contacts are in Italy, foreign countries and with worldwide contractors.

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